Environmental Management

It is essential to have control of the company's environmental performance - both for economic reasons as well as to maintain good and positive dialogue with local authorities e.g. regarding wastewater discharge and environmental permits.

FoodEfficiency can assist with evaluations of environmental impacts, including advice on how these are monitored and the potential savings that may be in a better control and use of "clean technology" see BAT (Best Available Technology) principles.

FoodEfficiency also assists in the development of applications for authority approvals and in the subsequent dialogue. Specifically for permits, it is recommended that we get involved in the application process before the first meeting with the authorities in particular to clarify the impact and consequences of any historical episodes as well as future development plans for the company.

On Environmental Management Systems, the control of environmental conditions can advantageously become integrated into the company's operational and quality manual / quality management system - this allows a better integration of controls within operational and maintenance tasks in everyday life and a simpler and more efficient system which is easier to maintain. 00 Miljo

Development and maintenance of integrated management systems is one of FoodEfficiency's core competencies.

For further information and dialogue about your environmental challenges and potentials, contact us for an informal meeting.