Sustainability within the Supply Chain

Corporate Social Responsibility is both a way to demonstrate interest and interaction with society, but also a way to ensure a proper interaction between quality, environment and safety - for the benefit of the overall development of the company and its future revenue.


Sustainability and the UN's sustainable development goals are on the agenda by most manufactures and consumers, but companies are often struggling on how and where to start the journey towards more sustainable production and products.

Within the food supply chain we have a long history of setting requirements and working together across the supply chain, focusing on raw materials, production, packaging, transport and the end users need and behaviour.
The same approach can be used when looking into environmental and social impact of the supply chain. Please contact us for more information.

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For information on our views on sustainability within the Dairy manufacturing industry please download our article Sustainability – An integrated approach for improving performance on People, Planet, Profit and Product or contact FoodEfficiency for an initial talk on CSR.

We can also help you preparing for SMETA audit within the Sedex scheme - being one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world