00 Andre Driftsopgaver Microbiological product recalls and withdrawals may be related to problems with cross contamination and hygienic design in food manufacturing equipment and sometimes failure in hygienic design is the root cause of a number of food safety and quality problems.

Focus on hygienic design in food processing equipment should therefore not be compromised as it could lead to high costs in the total life-time of a new production line, not only in the unfortunate event of a product recall but also the indirect quality costs such as additional cleaning, re-work and analyses of products.

Early focus in hygienic design in relation to the specific process and food application will minimize the risk and costs for quality problems once the equipment has been installed and the process if fully implemented and operational.

Some important focus area are described in our recent publication “The true costs of hygienic design - A 360 degree approach to food safety in hygienic design and operations

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