Sustainability at work

For more than 20 years, Karin has worked directly as well as indirectly with sustainability - starting with a water and energy optimization project at Bov Dairy in collaboration with the local water company.

In 2012, Karin published her first article on sustainability in the WorldWide Edition of the Dairy Journal - the same year she was in Chile to facilitate a sustainability study for a large Chilean food producer.

Sustainability image

In 2015, she introduced the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in relation to food manufacturing at a seminar held by the Danish Dairy Technical Society.

Today we still see many companies finding it difficult to identify sustainability activities that support both the company’s own strategy and the sustainability mindset within their supply chain. However, there is a lot of value creation in the sustainability work and it can, among other things contribute to;

  • Strengthen collaboration, risk minimization and management across the supply chain Minimize climate and environmental impacts - directly and indirectly
  • Attract and retain human resources and ensure welfare
  • Secure earnings and capital in the long run