In January BRC Issue 7 will be launched, and for the first time, you can download the entire standard from the BRC website free of charge (insert link). Audits using the new Issue 7 begin July 1st 2015.

Things which have been added are:

  • Food fraud, based on industry demand, given what happened with horse meat, olive oil, rice etc. with focus being on food defense programs, to confirm that you have control mechanisms in place to prevent fraud.
  • The revised standard will also included Expanded High Care, in which we have identified certain products with certain characteristics for greater scrutiny, for instance Ready To Eat products susceptible to pathogen growth. You need to make sure there’s no process to reintroduce the pathogens in the final product.
  • Another focus area will be prevent labeling errors to avoid recall. Often, the number one or two cause for recall is mislabeling, where the product inside the packaging is not accurately specified on the label.