Cleaning and control of cleaning and hygiene is essential to the food manufacturing industry.

With increasing complexity of processes and equipment along with increasing demands on product quality and shelf life, failure of cleaning or failure of hygienic design quickly become critical. If such failure is not quickly detected and acted upon as it can result in extensive damage to both production and equipment, and in the worst case, the withdrawal of products.

Cleaning And Validation Bactoforce

Problematic area for cleaning. Source: Bactoforce.

In collaboration with Arla Foods and with support from Bactoforce, FoodEfficiency have prepared a short guidance document describing some of the methods and techniques that can be used to ensure clean and hygienic production equipment and the environment. The document can be downloaded here.

You are welcome to contact FoodEfficiency if you have questions concerning the review and implementation of control and validation program for existing equipment as well as for purchase and installation of new production equipment.