Sustainability is not a new concept, in fact back in 1907 it was used as a legal term, and the concept was introduced as a term in relation to agriculture, economy and nature in the highly publicized report “Limits to Growth” in 1972 and further expanded within the Brundtland report from 1987.


Looking at sustainability in relation to the food industry it may be useful to relate this to the “People, Planet & Profit” philosophy, in terms of social responsibility, environmental protection and economic viability as focus areas.

These are areas wich many food manufacturing companies have been working with for many years in order to ensure the right competences, high level of food safety and environmental protection.

FoodEfficiency have developed a matrix model describing sustainability activities within the food supply chain - more information on the the model is available here.

Working systematically with sustainablity within the context of the matrix model your company may benefit from:

• Strengthning the overview of your supply chain,
• Improving your relationship with your key customers and suppliers, • Expanding your quality and environmental system to also integrate sustainability and • Differentiating your brand product / services and company from other manufactures in the market.

Please contact us for more inspiration on how your company can benefit from working with sustainability.