Sustainability is not a quick fix but an ongoing focus on impact reduction and social focus in your own organization AND in your supply chain and society.

Unfortunately we still see many companies focusing on reductions in their own business which may end up having a negative impact in the wider perspective.

A few examples from our daily household;

  • Reduced thickness of food packaging material which means that the inner foil can not be closed after opening and the consumer needs a new plastic bag to keep the product in good condition
  • Bio and environmental friendly washing-up liquid which is so thin and ineffective that you use 5-10 times more detergent and thereby creating a significant packaging waste.
  • Marmalades and cold sauces sold on glass rather than in foil bags resulting in an over use of glass jars and heavier transport over long distances due to the weight of glass.
  • Biodegradable plastic container but where the food product sticks inside so you loose 5-15% of your product.

So it is important that actions and investments are carefully assessed through all aspects of the supply chain including consumer behaviour and disposal, and in these situations the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are useful as a checklist or input for brainstorm of new activities. SDG Photo